Ruminations on science, life, and identity. I’m trying to explore issues that are important to me and to my generation. Hopefully with a sense of humor.


My name is Alison Tebo and I am a Ph.D. student in Chemical Biology at the University of Michigan. I am striving to find my place in the world generally, and more specifically, in science. I am very interested in science policy and in where we are going as a community. I think there are many things that can be improved with our education system and in the scientific community and this is a forum for me to explore some of those thoughts and explore my interests.

Professionally, I currently work in Bioinorganic Chemistry. I was a trainee on the NIH’s Chemistry Biology Interface Training Program and I was just awarded a Chateaubriand International Fellowship by the US-French Embassy. This fellowship will fund me to pursue ongoing collaborations that I have in the Ile-de-France and allow me the opportunity to pursue a dual degree for a Ph.D in Chemistry with the Université Paris-Sud XI.

*Anything on this blog is my own writing and thoughts and any views expressed here are not endorsed by any organization/university/individual with whom I am affiliated.